Easy choices for your special day

Basic Ceremony - Classical or Jazz - $250

This option provides you with a pianist for up to 75 mins for your ceremony. This includes playing background music while people are arriving, the processional (usually 2 different songs) and recessional. You can also have music to accompany the lighting of a unity candle, and/or any hymns that are part of the service. You will select the ceremony music from a list of traditional wedding repertoire. The pianist will also play as people exit the venue.

Customized Ceremony - Classical, Jazz, or Pop - $325

This option provides you with you the same features as the Basic Ceremony, but allows you choose up to 3 songs from any genre to be arranged by the pianist and played as part of your ceremony. This is our most popular package, because it allows the couple to pick music that has special meaning to them. 

Add an original solo piano composition - $250 extra

With this add-on, we will compose a piece to accompany your walk down the aisle! You can specify a style, and some samples of music you like, and we will compose a piece and provide you with sheet music for your wedding song. For an additional $100, we will record the piece and provide you with an mp3 of your song. 

Other requests? Just ask!

 We will do our best to make the perfect music for your special day. If you'd like us to accompany a vocalist, add violin, cello, or any other instrument, or any other idea you might have, just ask and we will do our best to make it happen!
Other fees:
Travel outside the metro - $75 
If the venue is more than an hour's drive from Minneapolis/St. Paul, we will charge an additional $75 for the drive time and fuel costs. This fee may increase to $100 if the distance is more than 2 hours away. 
Special setup fee - $50 
In most normal circumstances, setting up a keyboard is included in the regular price. However, if the location you choose for your ceremony requires the pianist to carry their keyboard setup a long way or run 100 ft or more of extension cord, an additional fee may be added. This fee is often required if the ceremony is on a beach, on top of a big hill with no road access etc. This fee may also be charged if we are asked to set up an hour or more in advance of the ceremony.
Rehearsal fee - $75 
If you would like the pianist to come to the rehearsal for the ceremony on a day before the wedding, this will cost extra. This will give you up to an hour of time to run through your ceremony. Availability will depend on pianist's schedule. This is not an option for out-of-town weddings.